What's Lurking in Your Carpets & Vacuuming Is Not Enough

What’s Lurking in Your Carpets & Vacuuming Is Not Enough

To ensure your home is both clean and conducive to good health, it’s essential to regularly vacuum your carpets. What many fail to realize, though, is that nestled within the carpet fibers lie numerous elements that could potentially lead to health issues if not addressed appropriately.

Vacuuming is great for removing surface dirt, but it does little to nothing for certain pollutants. This post from our experts in carpet cleaning will show you why vacuuming alone isn’t enough and how to make sure your carpet is truly clean!

Debris, Dirt, and Dust in Your Carpets

debris and dirt in carpets

Dirt is just one part of the story when it comes to your carpet. Let’s start with common allergens that are living in your carpet that you should be concerned about:

  • Dust Mites – These tiny creatures live in your carpet and feed on shed skin cells. This can cause allergies for humans and pets.
  • Mold Spores – Mold lives everywhere. The only way to keep it out of your house is with a powerful air purifier and cleaning that reduces moisture and humidity.
  • Bacteria – Dust that contains bacteria can be particularly harmful. Over time, your carpet will become caked with dirt and other particles making it harder to clean.

If you clean your carpets regularly, you’ll remove a lot of the dust and dirt, but it won’t get rid of all these harmful pollutants in your carpeting.

You can use various chemicals to kill them, or there are other possible solutions. Once dead, they will still be in the fibers, so if you haven’t properly cleaned them out, the offending bacteria will continue to cause allergy problems for years.

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Cleaning carpets is important because even though they might look clean, there could be microscopic pollutants living deep in the carpet fibers.

Why Vacuuming Is Not Enough

vacuuming is not enough

You may think that vacuuming your carpets every day will keep the dirt away. This is not true because vacuums only have the ability to do things such as:

It Only Removes Dust and Dirt Found in the Surface

The problem with this is that there can be more dust particles deep in the carpet. These pollutants are too small to be picked up by the vacuum’s bristles.

If you have allergies, it is likely that your nose will sense these particles but may not think they are enough to trigger an allergy attack.

This is just one of the reasons why vacuuming alone won’t get rid of all allergens in your home.

Vacuuming won’t Remove Stains and Spots

If you spill something on your carpet, you need to clean it up right away. If not, the stain will seep down into the fibers and can be very difficult to get out.

The same goes for spots where accidents may have occurred. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove these stains from your carpets.

Long-term damage is also more likely when letting stains sit on carpets for too long. This is because once a liquid or other substances are dry, they become caked deep in your carpeting fibers, making them harder to eliminate.

Vacuuming alone cannot remove these stains and spots.

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Odors are Not Eliminated With Just Vacuuming

If your house smells, it’s likely because of odors that are seeping deep into the carpet fibers. This can happen when you have pets or bacteria have accumulated in your carpet.

Vacuuming does nothing to remove these stubborn smells. If you want to truly rid your carpets of odors, then you need to thoroughly clean in with carpet cleaning methods such as carpet shampooing.

Vacuuming Won’t Make Your Carpets Look “Like New”

Vacuuming alone is not the actual cleaning method in restoring your carpets to look new. If you want color back in your carpet, stain removal needs to be done regularly or by using some of the powerful cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning.

Stain removal has to be done to get the deep-down dirt and grime out of your carpets in order to make them look great again.

Steam cleaning can restore your carpets to look great again by using the power of hot water.

In Conclusion

Carpets are often neglected because people think that they can just vacuum them.

While vacuuming is important, it’s not enough for your carpets to be clean and safe.

The dirt on your carpet gets ground in, which means you need a deep cleaning solution to get rid of the bacteria and other harmful substances lurking below the surface.

If you need help or have more questions in mind, do not hesitate to call us today!

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